January 2, 2018

Why every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to run a certification body?

I have always wondered why so many people (many of whom are totally ignorant of certification) want to start a certification body. On one hand, they pay a huge amount to accreditation boards, but on the other hand they sell a certificate for as low as Rs. 2500.

One expert of this business told me that out of this Rs. 2500, they spend Rs. 1500 and pocket Rs. 1000 per certificate. If they sell 2000 certificates in a year, they earn Rs. 2000000. If AB withdraws certification, it does not make any difference, they continue selling certificates. In the meantime they start another CB and take accreditation, and continue on the path of Vikas.

Now who should take blame for this, AB, CB or Govt? In my opinion all three of them. Govt has failed to create a regulatory mechanism to regulate the activities of certification and accreditation. ABs are happy that, inspite of them being a non-profit organization, they earn huge profits. Their relationship with CB is master-slave relationship. CB is happy as they are earning huge profit without any real competence. Their competence is knowledge of how to do hanky-panky and marketing skill to sell a piece of paper to any organization for Rs. 2500 and more. They (certify) sell every type of certification one can think of, systems, products, processes and also persons.

Funny part is this that ISO/IEC are making competence more and more difficult and complex. I wonder for whom? For those who are certified by AB as competent but do not do any audit? Take the case of an EMS auditor, he/she should meet competence as given in ISO/IEC 17021-1: 2015 plus ISO/IEC 17021-2: 2016, and for 39 technical sectors.

Who will bell the cat? I tried but no CB was impressed. I started a newsletter but no CB replied to issues raised therein. I offered to provide secretariat if they come forward to form an association of CBs, but they were not interested.

BIS Act, 2016 has mandated BIS to create recognition and accreditation mechanism, but BIS has its own priorities.

All those who think that this situation should be changed, should come forward, join hands and do something.

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